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Synexie offers an innovative and flexible outsourcing service, specially designed to meet the needs of very small businesses. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we provide our expertise, attentiveness and all-purpose approach to optimize the management of your information system, while reducing on-site activities.

Benefit from a turnkey solution without having to worry about installations and technical maintenance. For a fixed monthly fee based on the number of workstations or servers needed, benefit from a managed subscription that includes:

  • Antivirus protection to safeguard your data and equipment against online threats
  • Anti-spam tools to filter out unwanted e-mail and safeguard your team’s productivity
  • A web content filter to secure Internet browsing and prevent risks associated with malicious sites


Choosing Synexie means you have a trusted partner who will support you at every stage of your growth, ensuring the security and performance of your digital assets.

Case Study: CODES 83

Collaboration with the Comité Départemental d’Éducation pour la Santé du Var (Departmental Health Education Committee)

CODES 83, a team of qualified professionals, supports public health policies by analysing local health needs, providing support and expertise to professionals, and developing programs that promote health. CODES 83’s expertise and capacity for action serve to improve community health.

CODES 83’s main objective was to maintain all its IT assets and advise managers on the best information system strategy to follow.

Since 2008, CODES 83 has been committed to the approach proposed by FNES which enables them to guarantee that their Health Promotion programs are adapted to the needs of the population and the professionals who work with them.


Since 2018, Synexie has worked or is working with CODES 83 in the following areas:

  • Complete overhaul of the WiFi network with Aruba terminals
  • Maintenance and technical support for 35 users
  • O365, OneDrive and SharePoint applications
  • Symantec Cloud antivirus
  • Cloud backup of Exchange Online and OneDrive data
  • Outsourced backup
  • Level 1 to 3 support

iT Outsourcing

CODES 83 –

Maintain all IT assets and advise management on the best information system strategy

More than 40 functional user workstations

"Synexie manages the protection of our data and avoids data loss with their backup system for our drive. Their responsive approach means we can focus on our business with peace of mind."
Dr. Laurence Pallier
Director, CODES 83
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