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Strengthen your IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity

Synexie will support and strengthen your in-house IT teams in all aspects of IT infrastructure management and cybersecurity.

With Synexie, you’ll benefit from expert support for:

  • Server design and storage solutions to optimize your system’s performance and reliability
  • Cloud migration to take advantage of the benefits of paperless options
  • Cybersecurity expertise to protect your organization from evolving threats and ensure the security of your sensitive data


Synexie is committed to working closely with your IT team to understand your needs and provide you with customized solutions. Together, we will strengthen the resilience of your infrastructure and contribute to the success of your organization.

Case Study: MB92 La Ciotat

Founded in 1990 under the name Custom Tenders, MB92 was later renamed Compositeworks following the acquisition of new facilities in La Ciotat. Under this name, Compositeworks became a benchmark in superyacht refit, regularly winning prestigious awards such as the World Superyacht Award and the ISS Best Refit.

In 2016, Compositeworks expanded to accommodate more clients by establishing operations in Marseille and La Rochette, in addition to La Ciotat. This expansion allowed them to service megayachts over 100 meters in length.

In 2018, Compositeworks joined the MB92 Group, alongside MB92 La Ciotat and Blohm & Voss La Ciotat, to create the world’s leading group in the yacht refit shipyard industry.

Following this, the MB92 Barcelona and MB92 La Ciotat brands were established, and the group’s projects accelerated: exclusive use of the upcoming 4300-ton Shiplift in La Ciotat, creation of a dedicated refit facility served by the 300-ton travel lift at the MB92 La Ciotat shipyard, and more.

The main objective is to manage the systems and network infrastructure, perimeter cybersecurity, maintenance, and the implementation of new IT projects.


At MB92, Synexie is responsible for:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity: Windows Update Server (WSUS), Antivirus solutions, Anti-spam solutions, content filtering, Web filtering, Firewall
  • Servers (physical and virtual)
  • Software: Operating Systems, server software
  • Strategies for securing workstations and organizing data: AD, GPO, etc.
  • Architecture and backup strategies
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCP/DRP)
  • Maintenance in operational condition of the IT system (MCO)
  • Maintenance in the secure condition of the IT system (MCS)
  • Support

MB92 La Ciotat

Manage the systems and network infrastructure, perimeter cybersecurity, maintenance, and the implementation of new IT projects.

Advanced management of on-site and cloud backups.

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